Culinary adventures

Explore the secrets of Dalmatian cuisine with us! Hop on board our culinary adventures cruise and discover the traditional and modern Dalmatian cuisine. 
Dalmatian cuisine is actually a variation of Mediterranean cuisine. Moreover, nutritionists always cite the Mediterranean diet as one of top 5 for health, fitness, life quality and longevity. It’s also on UNESCO’s intangible heritage list. 

Experience in Brief

What’s it all about?


The chef or the hostess on board your boat introduces you to the principles of local cuisine. For instance:

  • preparation variations (fish stew – gregada or brudet, cooking, grilling)
  • plenty of seafood (white and blue fish, mollusks, cephalopods, crustaceans)
  • olive oil, herbs and spices
  • local and seasonal vegetables and fruits
  • wine selection and pairing

Additionally, the chef or the hostess shares interesting facts about Dalmatia and guides you through your culinary adventures cruise in Croatia.


Since there is no exploring Dalmatian cuisine, without savoring all the flavors in top restaurants, we’ve got you covered. Do not worry! Nava Charter has selected only the best for your culinary adventures cruise.

Our hostess and local restaurant chefs let you taste some of the most delicious meals this region offers. For instance, fresh fish, seafood, the finest meat prepared in different ways. Likewise, you get a chance to join a cooking class and learn how to prepare some Dalmatian delicacies.
Enjoy the culinary adventure with us! Contact us through the contact form below and get ready to explore local cuisine. The cruise is very flexible, so please inform us of your preferences (food, duration, interests).


Prices for weekly rental start from 9.500 €

Additional costs: meals that are not included in the program

You can take any of our boats from split and go island hopping…