Enjoy A Safe Sailing Vacation In Croatia

Everyone’s holiday plans in 2020 have been affected in some way due to the COVID-19 outbreak. This year, we are set to relish the coming summer months as safe as possible!
Wouldn’t it be wonderful to unwind and sit idle in the Adriatic sun? Maybe on a luxury boat? Why not! Consider a sailing vacation with Nautika Centar Nava this summer, a safe and enjoyable alternative, away from the COVID discussion.

Safe Stay in Croatia

Fortunately, our company has the Safe Travel Label from the start of the pandemic. At Nava, we make a promise to follow the specified sanitary requirements. Morevoer, we take the necessary precautions to ensure a safe and fun charter for all our guests. In the last year, the Ministry of Tourism in Croatia took further precaution to guarantee safe travels to all visitors to fully experience the region. As a result, visitors can locate the safest hotels and tourist attractions without difficulty. Do you want to learn more about this project? Visit the official webpage of Safe Stay Croatia here.

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You are in good hands

Nautika Centar Nava supports the Safe Stay in Croatia campaign. This attests to the fact that all of Nava’s Charter Boats and facilities are kept clean and disinfected on a regular basis.

Here at Nava, your safety is our main priority. We operate in accordance with the standards of the WTTC as well as those of the Croatian Institute of Public Health. When disembarking on our charter base, our team will advise you of our safety agreements and general regulations before setting sail on your next charter.

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You are far, far away…

Sailing gives you the rare opportunity to disconnect from every-day life, especially during this difficult time.

You can spend time alone or with family while exploring the wonders of the Adriatic. The sea-breeze will help you recharge and relax. The Adriatic awaits your arrival!

Bareboat charter

A bareboat charter is recommended, especially if one of your sailing buddies possesses the necessary nautical certificates. Why not have the boat to yourself? Meals can also be delivered directly on board. Of course, this promotes a contactless and safe sailing experience.

Crewed charter

Alternatively, does your perfect holiday involve on-board crew which will pamper you? Well, we can take care of that, too. The crew’s objective is to maintain the ship, supply gourmet meals, smooth-pilot and ultimately, serve you. If you’re interested in having a private pilot to direct you to secret Adriatic bays, among other benefits, we recommend chartering a fully crewed yacht.

Charter with Nava

Nonetheless, all our crew members follow the strictest safety regulations to provide you with the most pleasant sailing experience.

When on your next Nautika Nava charter, feel free to communicate any requests or concerns to our charter crew. They will accommodate your needs and ensure safe sailing to their best abilities.

    Building Memories

    Take your family and friends on a perfect boating cruise. Charter a bare boat or a crewed boat, depending on your experience level and preference.