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Experience Nava Charter

Are you looking for something extra? Some route suggestions, a professional crew, how to supply your yacht charter or even a tailor-made program? This is what Nava Charter Experience is all about!




Nava programs

Finding the perfect boat, the perfect crew, the perfect route can be exhausting. And on top of that, you should supply the boat for a week’s charter. That’s why we have designed Nava programs. You just select your boat type and interests, and voilà – Nava does all the hard work. Meanwhile, you just need to pack and embark on the cruise of your life

Hire a crew

First time sailors, or less experienced sailors, even with proper licenses, still might be more comfortable with a crew on board. Our professional skippers, sailors, hostesses, babysitters, chefs are happy to guide you and cater to all your needs. Depending on their job description, they take care of the safety on board, the route, weather, anchoring and docking, supplying the boat, preparing meals and snacks, cleaning up, keeping the kids entertained etc.  

Suggested routes 

In case you are very experienced and don’t mind all the prepping, you might be looking for the perfect route. In other words, a route that takes you to all the places you dream of. Nature, culture, history, architecture, gastronomy, away from the crowds, in with the crowds… We have all of them. Check your boat’s starting point, and browse through our suggestions. However, if you don’t find what you need, send us a message, and we’ll create one just for you! 

Boat provisioning

Once you have the boat, the route, you’re probably looking for a way to get as much done in advance as possible. For example, supplying the boat with provisions. Especially, the bulkier stuff, like water and other beverages. That’s what we’re here for, too! To help you prepare and start your charter experience in Croatia, without a worry in mind. Depending on the charter base, there are several ways to supply your boat. 


The ultimate Nava Charter Experience are the Exclusive Nava Programs! Select from our predesigned programs or let us know your needs and wishes so we can tailor one just for you.


Are you seeking fun, adrenaline rushes, and thrilling activities? Join our Adventure sailing cruise and combine active holidays with rich culture and amazing gastronomy.


Explore the secrets of Dalmatian cuisine with us! Dalmatian cuisine is rich offering several elements of the Medditerian dishes.


Looking for a perfect start to your life together? What’s better than blue lagoons, clear seas, dark blue open seas, turquoise sandy shallows, bluest skies, private coves, bays, and beaches…


Are you looking to treat their taste buds with Croatia’s finest “nectar of the gods”? This program is made for all wine lovers – both connoisseurs & amateurs

Crewed Charter

Choose from our premium crewed boat or select a bare boat and then hire an additional professional crew member!

It’s so much easier and far more relaxing when you let professionals do their work.  They have the necessary experience, training, know-how, local insight and great enthusiasm for our home country! Moreover, they are eager to show you all the secrets, but extremely discreet and discerning, as well. It makes a big difference for your Charter Experience in Croatia. 


Supplying your boat can be easy and effortless! 
Preparation is key, especially when it comes to a perfect charter experience in Croatia. Did you know, even provisioning can be done in advance? Water, soft beverages, beer, red wine, white wine, snacks, most common ingredients for lunch such as pasta, rice etc. It’s possible to order everything in advance and have it delivered on board. This automatically rises your charter experience in Croatia to the next level. Only the boat’s storage and fridge capacities are the limit! Contact us and