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Enjoy the best of Croatia all in one week. Explore two Central and South Dalmatia. Or, combine Central and North Dalmatia. One-way charter means you get to check in at one charter base and check out in a different one. 

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What is one-way charter and why is this such a great offer?

One of our favorite things about sailing is exploring new, hidden destinations. With this in mind, one-way charters are perfect because you won’t need to visit the same marina, port, town, or cove twice! We have 4 charter bases, in Split, Slano, Pula and Rogoznica. Start sailing in South Dalmatia and finish your charter in Central Dalmatia, and vice-versa. Or, start in North Dalmatia and finish in South Dalmatia. There are so many possibilities.

Many charters offer one-way, but usually, this includes a fee and the need to disembark one day earlier! With Nava one-way charter, that’s not the case. There’s no extra fee, and you get to enjoy a full 7-day charter. In addition, the price typically comes with a discount.

Just explore the offers below or contact our Charter Team to check availability and enjoy a unique experience in Croatia!